DEFA Battery Chargers

Battery chargers
Fully charged battery at all times

DEFA battery chargers ensure fully charged battery at all times.

Everyone should have a DEFA SmartCharge in their car, boat or home, in fact anywhere where you might need to charge a battery occasionally and that applies to most homes of course. They are ideal for the car, boat, motorbike, snow blower, lawnmower or moped, as well as snow scooters with an electric starter motor. In particular, equipment with small batteries
that is not used on a daily basis should be recharged regularly. You won’t find a simpler and safer battery charger than the SmartCharge.

When we developed the DEFA SmartCharge, we wanted to make it safe and easy to recharge the battery:
  • Just one button: ON or OFF.
  • Spark-free connection.
  • User-friendly display with backlight for legibility.
  • No risk of overloading.
  • IP 65, can be used outdoors and in damp environments.
  • Temperature-compensated charging process.
  • Adapts to the battery automatically.
  • Easy to see the status of your battery.
  • Integrated cable storage solution.
  • Can be fitted with a separate accessory to make battery charging even
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